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Before the use of Flash drives, the only option people had to store data was on a floppy disk or a stationary hard drive. These days there are various options for storage one easy to use devices for data for your personal and business needs. Of course we have the option of using CD-R disks for storing information but this type of storage is not portable for many situations. IBM was the first company who introduced the Flash drive in 1998. Portable USB Flash drives and USB sticks have increased the popularity because of their mass storage capabilities. Nowadays they can be seen hanging from the necks of computer users who use computers or regular basis.  Why not print or decorate your own today?

A Flash drive is simply a portable memory storage device which is capable of holding a serious amount of information without the use of a power supply. Old technology such as RAM which is directly related to mainstream desktop computers needs power to operate. One of the greatest benefits of USB Flash drives is their ability to be placed into any computer with a USB port. Information such as spreadsheets, word, excel and photos or images can all be stored upon a USB Flash drive with Flash memory. During rest times with technological advances in microchips, USB sticks have become smaller and smaller. Also their storage capacities have become higher and higher. We believe over the next few years’ storage capabilities for Flash drives will increase significantly. Soon it will be very common to see 16 GB and 32 GB Flash drives on the market for high-end users. On average Flash drives can fit easily into one's hand.

Modern day Flash drives also do not need drivers for most operating systems based on Windows for your personal computer. Some of the older versions such as Windows 98 may require drivers for your Flash drives, but many companies and businesses have moved on to a more recent version of Windows.

All of our Flash drives that we distribute to companies and businesses throughout New Zealand incorporate the highest read/write capability are available. Read/write speeds are particularly important for run in larger applications or transferring larger files. Also when the user is saving documents this is a very speedy process, literally taking are matter of seconds to complete depending on the file size. Our Flash drives and the ability to also be rewritten thousands of times, therefore they are extremely reusable, economical, space-saving device. They are also friendly for the environment, due to their paper saving properties.

Our range of Flash drives that we offer, are available in sizes up to 8 GB. Most people find storage sizes of 1 GB-8GB is more than sufficient for typical day to day applications.

All of our Flash drives at Flash Drives NZ that we distribute incorporate a one-year warranty on the Flash memory itself and a 10 year data retention warranty products. We only use the highest A Grade quality chips for all of our Flash drives. Be very cautious with some companies who offer Flash drives for discounted prices incorporating B Grade chips. These types of Flash drives will only last a dozen or so times before they break or become usable.

We also offer the ability for your Flash drives to be decorated using the latest printing process or laser engraving process, which offers your business or organisation the ability to advertise your logo to the best of your ability. USB sticks have become a very popular giveaway for many businesses. They are cost-effective and people used to regularly on a day-to-day basis.  Simply contact today to discuss all of your printing options.

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